We’re just a couple of simple guys with simple tastes, complex though they may be. Our mutual passion for fine candies, ciders and meats of all varieties has created a bond which cannot be broken by mere distance. This blog will be written in tandem from 2637 miles apart, sometimes through joint efforts, perhaps other times more individual. We don’t really know how it’s going to turn out, but we can only hope for the best and prepare for the even betterest. Because we rule. I think you’ll come to agree.

Also, though this may be a blog primarily dedicated to the Junk Foodian arts, don’t be surprised if we use flimsy junk food related pretexts to go off on wild tangents, because that’s just who we are and we must remain true to ourselves.

Histories, ingredient lists, and other general learning opportunities will be presented to the readers in a fun, hilarious, and easily digestible format.  This will, of course, be counter-measured by our love of creating rumors and intriguing false facts. Did you know that Cooler Ranch flavored Doritos were the brainchild of The King Himself, Elvis Presley? You probably didn’t.

Prepare to be sprinkled with wisdom and filled with a creamy center of enjoyment.


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